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It is correctly said that youth is a time of experimentation. An age where people explore themselves through different desires and emotions. With the advent of technology, almost everything is available with decent ease which supplements us with a lot of benefits, but also undermines our ability to interact and bond closely. Although our generation is technically advanced but we are also caught in a vicious circle of emotions and unfulfilled desires. Caught in a complex web of thoughts , youths often suffer with a loss of purpose and mental health of youth is a major concern that is putting even the most developed countries in a state of bother.

Here are a few blunders that are habitually committed by teens or grown up adults all around the world :-

1) Permissiveness is dangerous 

Today's youth are sought after as liberals and free minded thinkers who are not afraid of breaking stereotypes and are open to experimentation in all areas. But this thought process has also attracted a disturbed state of mind. A generation where alcohols and multiple relationships are a prerequisite for acceptance in social groups. Everybody seems to experiment in this dimension to just come across as ‘cool’. But this behaviour has pushed a lot of youths towards the path of destruction.

2) Identity crisis 

An identity crisis is one of the most difficult events that an individual goes through, especially during teenage years it is a state that confronts youth. A sense of being lost, not really knowing who you are and being directionless about your life in this materialistic world. These inexperienced minds suffer from such thoughts quite often and it is quite detrimental in its effect as far as mental health is concerned.

3) Desire to be heard

There is an innate desire among all of us to communicate and connect with fellow beings which really makes us human. But with the advent of social media there is an invisible wall which is preventing us from having free minded discussions. A large group of youths suffer from disconnection . They want to talk, have their needs heard and being allowed to expose their vulnerability in a world which accepts nothing less than perfection.

4) Disconnection

Again social media which was created with the intention of bringing people close and making distance a negligible factor while forging friendships, is now coming across as a secret barrier while we are trying to connect. Although we have a lot of connections but rare are those relationships which were deep and served our emotional needs of having an intimate bond where you can freely just know each other.

5) We just don't want to hear

It’s rightly said that if you have a lot of problems surrounding your life like dark clouds then somewhere you are also an active contributor to the situation itself. Well, the youth of today just want change and execute their actions effectively, although there is nothing wrong in this but what we are really doing in the process is we are ignoring advices which can serve us well. It’s important to have constructive criticism around. Not giving a damn to other people's opinion every time can make you oblivious of good suggestions too. Citing everybody as judgemental won't take you far but rather push you into a hole of loneliness and lacking a sense of judgement and variety as you are unheard to almost everything from everyone. Inculcating a positive habit of listening can change our lives in a flash .

These challenges are the major issues which is putting our youths in a state of continuous bother. These inner battles have to be fought with resilience, so we can take us out of this vicious circle.
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