How to arrange your wardrobe?

How to arrange your wardrobe?

Every person likes to dress up well and so keeps buying clothes and accessories to add to their wardrobe and sometimes a person gets him or her something which they don’t even need and they clutter up their wardrobe. The wardrobe is one of the favourite things of every individual but this wardrobe needs care too. You all may wonder what is this care so in this blog you will read the best way to arrange your wardrobe – and yes just a tip – arrange your wardrobes in the weekend when you are relaxed and have your favourite breakfast before arranging it. Now you are ready to start the mission of 'arranging the wardrobe .’

Go for it: Now as you have enough of energy and time, start the first step. Empty your wardrobe – don’t just throw things. Do it slowly. Keep all the things properly and continue until your closet is totally empty.

Categorize: Once you are done emptying your closet now pause, and decide the categories, for instance, say formal or informal, casual wears and party wears and so on. If you think that this categorizing is exceeding the normal categories don’t worry as clothes usually need a bit more categorizing than other things. Now relax and have a look at your clothes and accessories you will eventually find out that after classifying, things get easy and you were worrying too much. After this you will see your mind is now full of ideas as to how to organize your wardrobe.

Bid goodbye to things you don’t need: Okay, now it’s time you say bye to your old clothes or the clothes you don’t need. You will find many such items like clothes or shoes or say accessories in your closet which you don’t wear anymore and you don’t need it. Maybe once you bought it because it was in trend but now you don’t need it or haven’t been using it for a while. Suppose you didn’t wear a particular dress for more than a year now then you may not need it in the coming year too, be honest to yourself and remove that particular piece. Once you remove the clothes you don’t need you will be surprised to see the increased space in your closet.

Storing things: After decluttering all you need to do now is to keep the clothes in the closet. You can do it the way you want, you may fold clothes, hang them, but keep the clothes you need once in a while in individual packets so that they don’t interrupt when you take out the clothes of daily use. Similarly, you can arrange your shoes and accessories. Use boxes to store separate accessories and cosmetics. Use bags to store shoes and this will prevent your wardrobe for getting dirty.

Some tips

• Never stuff your clothes.

• Do not keep dirty clothes in the closet.

• Use closet scent sachets so that it smells good every time you open it.

• Place silicon granules in pouches to save your clothes from fungal attacks.

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