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Think Outside the Box (M) - Mustard Yellow

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Wanna stand out of the crowd? We have all played Criss Cross as kids. Could you ever make your move outside the box? No, right. You can now! Why not think different and make new innovations. The discoverer is within you, all you need to do is experiment and explore. Think out of the box and get yourself out of the box. Say goodbye to being trapped in limitations and boundaries with this t-shirt.

  • Rich Premium Cotton
  • Super Combed Yarn
  • Bio Silicon Wash with
  • Fabric count of 45, ensuring extra smooth and rich feel
  • Superior Color Fastness
  • Exceptional Dyeing Quality
  • Tees so light you barely notice you're wearing them
  • Tees are ideal for travel, gym, yoga, leisure or practicing your ninja kicks.
  • The fabric and fit allows maximum ventilation. Say goodbye to sweaty-Tees.
Hoppers fits everyone. Never worry about growing in or out of them.