Intern With Us

Brand Name- LiveBindas

Brand persona - quirky, cool & witty

website -


· Become the face of the brand in your college

· Internship Certificate

· Letter of Recommendation

· Performance-based incentives


1. Driving digital engagement to our website through various touchpoints like Email, WhatsApp, etc.

2. Helping us in increasing our social media reach by engaging and sharing our content.

3. Generating awareness on your campus about contests organized by us for college students, ex. Selfie contest, T-shirt design contest, etc

4. Helping us in organizing offline/online activities in their campus during College Fests & other such events

5. Gauging the perception of our brand in the student community and providing us feedback

6. Providing inputs on improving our marketing efforts targeted towards campus students.


Contact Details - 

Mobile -9654078087


Instagram - livebindasofficial